LaTeX Boilerplates

plain-text document production system

for rapid generation
of highest-quality
personal documents
& offline correspondence
by means of lean
command-line utilities

As seen in the article
Typesetting Automation

Classic Letter

For your important

LaTeX Letter Template See on GitHub Download zip

Elegant CV

For your outstanding
job application

LaTeX Letter Template See on GitHub Download zip

polished Invoice

For your distinguished
business relationships

LaTeX Letter Template See on GitHub Download zip

What is this for

TeX's purpose is to achieve the best possible automated typography. These boilerplates get you started in seconds using tools you probably already know about. Forget about MS Word.

how does it work

The boilerplates leverage the powerful Pandoc to grab the content from YAML and Markdown files, populate a LaTeX template, and output a high-quality PDF through XƎTeX.

How to get

Each boilerplate is thoroughly documented. Pick a template above and check out the README for detailed instructions on how to get started.

Modern & Customizable

Use all your system fonts out of the box and adjust the margins just by changing one setting. There is even built-in support for a custom letterhead.

“I am unreasonably pleased by this.” —Drew Bell
“Kudos for this great, yet simple and lean toolchain!” —Wouter Soudan
“Beautiful PDF typesetting without ever leaving the terminal.” —Jon Tan
“Very customizable and elegant. Do use.” —Manan Ahmed
“Pandoc is now my most favorite tool.” —Diego Sevilla Ruiz
“Simple but also very beautiful engineering.” —Bjørn Remseth
“A very elegant YAML-based adaptation of my LaTeX resume templates” —Dario Taraborelli
“Awesome.” —Jose Caballero
“I keep meaning to get into LaTeX but I can never stick it out.
Maybe boilerplates would help?” —David Wynn
“Anything that makes LaTeX more accessible.” —Travis McArthur